April's Photo Prompt

April Twitter Tales…

  Nightfall in the swamp was a darker thing—a tangible blanket wrapping me in its embrace, oozing into my psyche as surely as burnt oil on my skin. It hinted at the knowledge of the darker creatures that lurked there and the thing of which we mustn’t speak.

 Danny mocked the old stories. He said they were told to frighten children, for such a thing could not exist! We’d sent men to the moon! Monsters weren’t real, but this black wood was. An echoing scream of agony- human? Or did Danny's ghost return for me?!

It’s said the creature’s skin is covered with thick scales. Black slime drips from his eyes and the corners of his mouth—a true swamp demon. Huge webbed feet act like snowshoes in the muck allowing him to outrun a horse here. Best not to be noticed.

 Danny-loved by all- eloped with my baby sister. A week later, his body, or parts of it, were found. Now our family needed closure. I was to find Lenore... bring her body home. Undulating howls in the distance, & in a moment’s time, surrounded me- move!

 Thick matted cattails fostered an illusion of solid ground but collapsed in the mire when I committed my weight. A hut, cobbled from driftwood and sheet metal loomed ahead. A dark mist rose from the rusty tin roof—the lair of the swamp beast, Lingus!

 At the entry, the creature waited. A deep moat, alive with snakes and gators, separated us. IT smiled. "Welcome, brother. Beware my pets."

A sweet song drifted on the breeze-Lenore! I crossed on a log, touching the pistol at my side for reassurance.

 I ran toward the master of the swamp to do battle. He stood, with bowed head and offered his hand. Dirty, unkempt-but more man or beast? Lenore stepped out. “Dear brother, you’ve come to visit. What news of home?”

“I’ve come to save you…from that!”

“No! Lingus saved me from Danny, a kidnapper & rapist! This is my home now.” Tears welled in the beast’s eyes. His arms embraced her. Scales cracked and fell from his face. Clawed hands softened, touched her cheek. At her kiss, he was reborn a man.