Here are some of the titles soon to be released from Solstice Publishing:

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Sister Witch, The Moll Dyer Story

     Moll Dyer immigrates to the new colony of Maryland hoping to leave her troubles behind in her beloved Ireland. The colonists fight hunger, disease, Indian attacks and drought, but troubles for the Dyers include the threat of a succubus on a mission!

     Will the demonic call from her homeland prove too much to resist as she labors to build her life in a new land? Can she overcome all to save her family, and save her world?


Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite ****
     In southern Maryland today, you can hear of the legend of Moll Dyer and her witchy ways, but if you want to know the truth of the matter you'd be best off reading an account from someone who was there. Sister Witch: The Life of Moll Dyer is her own personal reflections and diary. A young girl only wanted the best in life, never looking for any trouble, but the prejudices of men influenced
and affected every part of her life, from hiding her training in the old world herbal ways, to passing her baby off as her brother. When she and her uncle needed help on the farm, she refused to buy a
slave. She made her uncle buy a black woman, Nema, that no one wanted and then immediately told her that after she had worked seven years, she was free. For that, Nema became her best friend
and fiercest protector. Author David Thompson has given us a well written book that looks into the life of someone who didn't subscribe to the attitudes of the time.
     In Sister Witch: The Life of Moll Dyer, Moll makes friends with the local Indians and a former slave. This bothers people in the town. Because she and her uncle had the foresight to build their farm beside a small creek, and they had water while most of the town was suffering a drought, instead of realizing their good planning, the townsfolk called Moll a witch. When Moll worked from sunup to sundown to bring in a good crop, instead of acknowledging her hard work, people said women couldn't work the way a man did - it must be witchcraft. Author David Thompson gives you the life of a woman from innocence to death, who wanted nothing more than to provide for her family and friends, to give her son a good life, and to have loyal friends around her. She never wanted any trouble with anyone, but it seems that trouble is what she ended up getting.
This is definitely a story everyone should read.


“It's clear that you have a passion for writing, and you quickly immerse your readers in the time period, world, and characters you've created. You have a knack for crafting clear, yet engaging prose with a suitably historical feel, and we immediately want to know Moll's story.”   


“I loved your take on Moll Dyer!!! It was a great re-telling of the ghost story, with a sympathetic twist. I’ve been thinking about it since I finished it :) I love it when that happens.” 


“With his debut novel, Thompson puts a new spin on an old ghost story. Artfully crafted, Moll dyer becomes a sympathetic figure, allowing the reader an alternative view of the early American legend.  With surprising plot twists and affable characters, Sister Witch will keep you reading until the end.” Author Isabella Adams





julianna's choice

by davina guy

When Julianna receives a call to come home on her first day of spring break, she knows her sister Lorelei needs her. Their mother was bitten by a werewolf while pregnant with the younger sister leaving her with a dormant curse of the wolf. Julianna knows what needs to be done to keep her sister safe, but the wolf pack also know, and they are waiting!

Julianna discovers two potential suitors followed her to her home in the West Virginia hills! Their competition for her attention expose the lies they’ve told and lead her to question their loyalty and even their sanity! She becomes convinced that one, (or both!) is Wolfen! As the wolf pack closes in, she must choose between them. The final battle commences during the super-moon, and the sisters find themselves in a fight for their survival, and their eternal souls.