Crazy Love
by Rachael Tamayo

Rachael Tamayo went in a new direction with her latest novel- a thriller! As always, her dialog is polished, and the characters are well developed. Like Noah, I loved Emily also! I didn't at the start though- how could she discard Isaiah so callously? Discard her feelings as if they happened every day? My opinion of her changed as the story progressed, and I discovered her gentle soul, fraught with personal doubts, just as we all have, though cursed with a too trusting nature! 
With Noah, from the beginning, I felt the evil lurking just beneath the surface of his skin, starting to ooze out...but at some point- as a reader -I actually felt a bit sorry for the guy! That didn't last long as the plot quickened, and the stakes became life and death!
Mrs. Tamayo's background with law enforcement adds an element of authenticity to her latest read, and her command of the romance genre lends itself well to the plot of this thriller. Highly recommend.

The Autumn Man
by Eric Ian Steele

The Autumn Man is a new novel by Eric Ian Steele... about two ancient mortal enemies, werewolves to be exact, but aren’t werewolves so yesterday? After reading Mr. Steele’s tale, I can assure you, they are not. The author doesn’t allow himself to be drawn into the current craze of pathetic girly men with fur, and teeth designed for love nibbles! 
Although his monsters are at times described as beautiful to behold, and there’s a strong undercurrent of a love story, there’s no question of the author’s intent- to scare you, and to scare you properly! Mr. Steele will have you double checking the door and window locks before bedtime, only to suddenly wake… “Dear God, what was that scratching sound?”
You will find few of the overdone werewolf tropes in this story. Yes, the aversion to silver remains, but Mr. Steele crafts a new mythology, I suspect drawing on legends of similar creatures found all over the world, in every culture’s folklore. The result is very original, and develops a new species of werewolf, or at least, a new understanding of them.
This is the first work I’ve read by Mr. Steele, and I wasn’t disappointed. His narrative prose is crisp, and at times borders on poetic. The dialog is authentic, and the characters are well developed and believable. 
If a novel of genuine horror by an up and coming author is on your wish list, you need look no further! Well done, Mr. Steele! 


Cast Off: A Collection of Shakespeare Themed Stories                                                                      by Margaret Egrot

One word for this short story anthology? Original. Certainly an odd descriptor for a collection of tales based on the characters in another's works, but Mrs. Egrot weaves intriguing story lines utilizing some of Shakespeare lesser known supporting characters, and spin-offs from his heroines. My favorite two? "Time Out of Mind" affected me on an emotional level, and "Ban! Ban! Cacaliban" left me wanting more. Each story stands alone on its own merit. If you've never even heard of the bard, and you were born in a cave and raised by wolves, you will find a tale here to fall in love with. I was provided a copy for this review, and it was thoroughly enjoyed.


Last Man Out

by Isabella Adams

“Last Man Out” is a suspenseful mystery/thriller by Isabella Adams that you will have trouble putting down! Her characters are well developed and likeable, in spite of their foibles (or perhaps because of them). The pace she sets is brisk, and her scene settings are realistic- delving deeply into the divergent fields of medicine and cave diving. The author’s knowledge and/or research of these two disciplines is readily apparent.

The insights into a Florida coastal Greek Orthodox community are refreshing, informative and engaging. The cultural mores and pressures are evident throughout and help to drive the plot forward. These all too human factors are not shied away from, but tenderly put on display, contributing to the authenticity of the story. 

In conclusion, carve out some couch time for yourself to savor this well thought out read. You won’t regret it! Well done, Mrs. Adams.

Lucifer's Game

by Rachael Tamayo

Rachael Tamayo’s “Lucifer’s Game” is a taut, well written horror with a distinct nod to her Romance genre background.

Cora loves her husband, but tensions have built to a point that may be impossible to return from. Andrew’s departure from their marital home opens the door for a demonic intervention into their lives. Devin’s male beauty, virility and demonic magnetism prove too much temptation for a woman in love, but scorned. Andrew slowly realizes how important his marriage is to him, but perhaps too late!

Rachael Tamayo’s novel builds in tension, and plot twists as the main characters are drawn deeper and deeper into Satan’s master plan. Their attempts to find their way back to each other, while psychologically dueling with all too human doubts and jealousies, are in direct opposition to Lucifer’s plan. The lustful demon, Devin, pulls out all the stops to ensure his master’s success.

A real page turner that may make you question your beliefs. It will definitely entertain and leave you wanting to follow Andrew and Cora’s story just a little further...